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Truffle Products
  Truffle oil,Black Summer Truffle Peelings,Black Summer Truffle Pieces (Brisures),Sliced Black Summer Truffles (Carpaccio),Porcini Mushroom Sauce,Tartufata Sauce,White Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Oil, Porcini Oil,Lemon Oil, Truffle Honey,Truffle SeaSalt, Truffle Flour, Truffle Butter  
Smoked Seafood
  Hot/Cold Smoked Seafood,Peppered Lox Pre-Sliced,Smoked Trout / Mackerel,Cold Smoked White Sturgeon,Lox and Cream Cheese Pinwheels  
Pâtés ,Mousses
  Pates,Mousses,Terrines,Charcuterie,Duck Rillettes,Foie Gras  
Artisan Sausages
  Artisan Sausage, Game Sausage, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Rainbow Trout,Smoked Sturgeon  
  Fresh Paddlefish Caviar, Tobikko Wasabi,Tobikko Ginger,Tobikko Black,Tobikko Red,Tobikko California, Tobikko Uzu  
Other Specialties
  Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Papua New Guinea , Mancha Saffron from Spain,Vanilla Extract from Indonesia,Balsamic Vinegar From Modena Italy  

" A little goes a long way " ..... When you buy the best from your trusted vendor !

Display Image Description and Package Size
Placeholder Superior Saffron from Spain 1oz tin
Price : $88.80
BOURBON Vanilla Beans from Madagascar 8oz pk.
Price :$44.
Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Papua New Guinea 8oz pk SFSF Brand.
Price :$33.90.
Vanilla Extract 1 quart.
Price :$38
Certified Organic Vanilla Bean Paste 1 quart.
Price :$38
Maille Original DIJON mustard (4jars X 9.05lb)~France
Price : $15.35 each; Case price :$61.40.
Maille Original WHOLE GRAIN mustard (4jars X 9.05lb)~France.
Price : $16.35 each; Case price :$65.40.
Cornichons "French Gherkins"(6 cans X 9.85lb)~France
Price : $15.52 each; Case price :$93.10
Cream of Balsamic /Cream of White Balsamic Modena, Italy 8.5fl.oz
Price :$23.90.
Cream of Balsamic with Figs Modena, Italy 12.9fl.oz
Price :$25.90
12yr Aged Balsamic, Modena, Italy 8.5fl.oz.
Price :$49.90.

Olive oil Pomace 90/10evoo
(Single source olives, very low acidity and high heat tolerance) Price :$23.50/ 3 liter.

Extra virgin olive oil 3tr
(Single source olives, very low acidity and high heat tolerance) Price :$28.50/ 3 liter

Farmers Blend Local 10lb (blend of Sevillano, Manzanita, Mission etc) Price :$63.25

Pitted Kalamatta olives Greece 22lb
Price :$88.40
Pitted Blend of olives Local 10lb
Price :$64.90.
Pitted Green olives 10lb
Price :$40.90
Dried Morel Mushrooms 1lb
Price :$199.
Chanterelles 1lb
Price :$49.
Import AA dried Porcini 1lb
Price :$59.70
Lobster Mushroom 1lb
Price :$56.95
Import Porcini powder 12oz
Price :$26.99.
Tomato powder 24oz
Price :$23.99.
Red wine vinegar powder 1lb
Price :$25.90
Cardamom powder 1lb
Price :$37.
Four blend Peppercorns 4.5lb jar
Price :$32.95

wPPCN Pink Peppercorns 8oz
Price :$20.89.

Black Peppercorns 10lb
Price :$99.88.
wPPCNT Tellicherry peppercorns 1lb
Price :$26.85.
Grains of Paradise Melegueta Peppers
Price :58.60/lb
wPPCNg Green Peppercorns 3lb
Price :$35.31
Couscous Spinach 10lb
Price :$252. 3.73/lb
Couscous Mediteranean 10lb
Price :$35.13
Lebanese Couscous 10lb
Price :$41.31
Couscous Fregola Sarda 8lb
Price :$48.81
Bamboo Rice 25lb
Price :$119.
Mochi Rice 25lb
Price :$59.95.
Black Chinese Forbidden Rice 25lb
Price :$119.
Sushi Rice 25lb
Price :$59.95.
Imported Italy, ARBORIO Rice 10lb
Price :$32.31.
Price :$38.10
Purple Sticky rice 10lb
Price :$30.69
Himalayan Red rice 25lb
Price :$68.
Fleur de sel 30oz
Price :$37.90.
Grains of Paradise 16oz
Price :$58.60
Black Sea Salt (2.5lb jar)
Price :$15.55 ea.
Hawaiian Black Salt (2.5lbjar)
Price :$33.90.
Hawaiian Pink Salt (2.5lbjar)
Price :$33.90
Coarse Sea Salt (35oz)
Price :$17.90.
Habanero Salt 2lb
Price :$46.75
Espresso Brava Salt 2lb $38.99
Price :$48.99
All Natural SW blend ORZO 25lb bag
Price :$7.52/lb.
Calico bean blend 10lb
Price :$23.54
Tarbais Beans France 10lb
Price :$13.90/lb
10 way bean blend
Price :$29.64/10lb
21 way bean blend
Price :$34.59/lb
Escargots Helix Lucorum (6 cans X 6dzn)~France
Price :$122.5.
All Natural Mini Fillo Shells 88/cs
Price :$28.75
All Natural Mini Blinis (12x30=360)~ hors d'oeuvres
Price :$58.

Some items will require 10 business days for delivery. Please call us to source out other gourmet products at our always low prices.Store these items in a cool, dry place for a one year shelf life.


For pricing information and to place orders:
Please call (510) 522-8206 or Email: ron@sfspecialtyfood.com

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